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XOXO Adhesive lashes (2 pair)


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Introducing our classic, multi-use, non-magnetic strip lashes with an easy application adhesive eyeliner pen. As always, Tori Belle gives you the highest quality lashes, more control than glue and no mess. Just draw on the liner and apply lashes for a strong, all-day hold. Options are good!

Gorgeous and glamourous, our XOXO lashes are full and flirty for an ultra-wearable glam look. The high-quality faux mink fibers make a lovely cat-eye shape that make you want to keep batting your fabulous lashes all day.

3 mm - 14 mm length

Sold as 2 pairs of lashes per set.

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USA Magnetic Liner
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Adhesive Lash Liner
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Adhesive Lash Bundle
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